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41 years ago, Spectrum Communications was established with a passion for creativity. Today, it is part of one of the world’s largest communications networks, VMLY&R – a member of the global conglomerate WPP.   In 2018, WPP announced the merger of VML – a digital transformation company – with the iconic advertising agency network Y&R. As a result, VMLY&R came about. This change was adapted in over 100 countries, and Spectrum began its transition to VMLY&R. This meant moving away from the conventional ad agency model to acquire exclusive capabilities and offering services in six different categories – Brand Stewardship, Advisory, Data & Insights, Content & Media Innovation, Commerce and Experience & Technology.

From acquiring experience in diverse businesses to grooming young talent; from winning the trust of clients to winning sought-after awards; and from handling top corporate accounts to doing advertising for a cause, Spectrum VMLY&R aims to make a difference in the community in which it operates – and truly stand as its clients’ most important business partner by Resisting The Usual.

Just one chapter from our life


The iconic Rhythm of Unity produced for Morven Gold in the 90’s was a landmark for advertising in Pakistan. Bringing together the cultural diversity of Pakistan through folk music and dance, the film became an inspiration for many campaigns that followed and received both national and international accolades.

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